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Professional Landman Certifications

If you are a landman looking to advance your professional credentials, the most logical solution is to become certified. The American Association of Petroleum Landmen is the official certifying organization for the landman industry and offers three different levels of professional landman certification: Registered Landman (RL) Registered Professional Landman (RPL) Certified Professional Landman (CPL) Each [...]

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Landman Salaries: How Much Do Landmen Make?

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of a landman job is the amount of money a landman can make. Landman salaries, when compared to the salaries of other professions, are relatively high. Even in uncertain economic times, landman salaries have remained high. The question remains though, especially for those searching for a landman job: [...]

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How to Become an Oil and Gas Landman

So you have taken an interest in becoming an oil and gas landman. The only problem is: where do you start? If you have done some research, you may have found that the internet contains very few clear landman resources. That is why we here at LandmanJobs.net have decided to outline a few avenues and [...]

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The Different Types of Land Professionals

Land professionals come in all sorts. Many people think that a landman is the all-in-one resource for negotiating mineral rights. In some instances that may be true, but the average landman requires the help of many other land professionals. Negotiating land rights can take a considerable amount of time and effort. As a result, the [...]

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Welcome to Landman Jobs

Hi Everyone, We built this site to support the Oil and Gas Landmen and Land Professionals out in the field. Being a field landman it’s not always easy to find work and we wanted to create a tool that would help facilitate that. We know there are other sites out there, but we wanted to [...]

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Score The First Interview

An applicant with lesser experience and a properly constructed resume will have better odds of landing an interview than a better qualified candidate with a poorly constructed resume.  Employers quickly scan resumes and contact applicants from resumes that are appealing to their eyes. Employers scan resumes for 20 – 30 seconds each.  So it is [...]

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