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Bordas Mineral Management – a local company. A name you can trust.
People should choose Bordas Mineral Management over other management companies because the Bordas name is associated with honesty, competence, and justice.

Upon the advent of the oil and gas boom in the Tri-State, complaints were being made by mineral owners throughout the area who were told one thing, only to find out that the truth was quite different. Many signed leases are now, or in the near future, beginning to receive royalty payments trusting the companies making the payments to make them correctly. Many now suspect that their royalty payments are less than what they are entitled to, but don’t know how to verify their concerns.

Bordas Mineral Management is now offering the mineral owners an answer. We have a staff that can review your royalty checks and actual production data to verify the accuracy of the royalty payments and advise as to what you should be receiving. We will then assist your lawyer (if necessary) in obtaining the money that is rightfully yours.

Why Do I Need Bordas Mineral Management?
When reviewing a lease offer, mineral sale offer or a royalty check, do you wonder:

Am I being offered a fair amount?

Do I feel comfortable reading the production statement?

Do I have peace of mind?

If you answered NO to any one of these questions, you need our help and expertise.

At Bordas Mineral Management, we are proud to protect landowners in West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

The lease, mineral sale, royalty collection process and negotiation may be simple for some, but can result in major problems for others who do not understand their offers, royalty payments and other rights. The number of landowners who have received below market value along with incorrect royalty payments from oil & gas companies is remarkable; some people know it, but don’t know they can prevent this type of situation from happening.

If it is discovered that your royalty payments are incorrect, Bordas Mineral Management will contact the company on your behalf in order to rectify the discovery.

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