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Mary Grant

Experienced Landman in-house and field

I have worked for 30 years in the following areas and encompassing cited skills: Louisiana, Colorado (DJ Basin and Wattenberg), Nebraska, New Mexico (San Juan Basin, BLM & BIA offices) North Dakota (Williston Basin, Stark County), Texas (Permian Basin and Austin Chalk), Wyoming (Power River, Wind River, Bighorn basins) and Montana (Kevin-Sunburst unit area), Utah (Unitah Basin and Fed. & State OGL’s) which encompassed one or more of the following responsibilities pertaining to acquisitions and divestitures: OIL, GAS AND MINERAL LEASE ACQUISITIONS • Knowledge of Indices in the various Courthouses; • Knowledge of Abstracting Offices; • Preparation of various Lease forms; • Lease Purchase Reports; • Preparation of Chain of Titles; • Basically just listening to Landowners (visiting for a month of Sundays); • Determine current ownership (mineral or surface); • Surface easements (pipeline, road, etc.); • Searching Federal Offices (Federal Leases); • Knowledge of Bureau of Indian Affairs; • Assignments; • Lease negotiations • BLM – submitted acreage for bids and title searches TITLE CURATIVE MATTERS • Reviewing Title Opinions-satisfying any clouds on title • Affidavits of Death and Heirship; • Searching records from severance to present day; • Knowledge of Archives; • Tax Deeds – search the old tax rolls; • Possessions Statements; • Searching Tribal records; • Prepare Road Right of Ways; • Acts of Subordinations; • Curative matters regarding Title Opinions • BLM – title searches conducted in Santa Fe, Denver, Wyoming, Utah, local counties, etc • BIA- title searches in tribal offices & BIA in Albuquerque NM SURFACE DAMAGES: • Obtain damage releases to the surface and/or crops, by using criteria for environmental assessments, for example: nearest stream, history of use, contacting various experts (grasslands), check for wildlife in area and different government agencies, etc.; SURFACE AGREEMENTS • Road Access Agreements • Drill sites DUE DILIGENCE • First, there are various forms of due diligence for example: • Attorney wants records run at specific time periods; • Checking for production in the different conservation offices (purpose of determining if a lease has been Held by Production); • Searching records for Overriding Royalties, Net Revenue Interest, Working Interest at a specific producing interval; • Examining in-house files- letter agreements, contracts that were never filed of record that satisfy a cloud on title; • BLM – title searches conducted in Santa Fe, Denver, Wyoming, Utah, local counties, etc • BIA- title searches in tribal offices & BIA in Albuquerque NM AREA CHECKS • This is often cursory and I will use the Department of Conservation to determine production and operators in my area; • Search records for the last Oil, Gas and Mineral lease of record; • Prepare a plat with the various Lessors ( hand drawn to scale); • Copy the Leases- Keep record of terms of the area (Royalty, Bonus Consideration, etc.; • Will note to various Right of Ways (with the purpose of providing company with where roads and pipeline are in the event they should wanted to drill; LANDMAN ABSTRACTS • Search of the records in an Abstract Office covering a certain area of interest; • Copying all instruments/deeds that affect area of interest; • Prepare with index sheet and numbered pages; • Footnoting anything unusual; TITLE RESEARCH • Grantor/ Grantee; • UCC; • Mortgages; • Civil Suits; • Any records viewed to satisfy title; • Government Offices; • Tax Assessor Records; • MMS; DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION • On-line access to production; • Operators; • Verify well status (shut-in, spud date, etc.); • Verify well history; • Mineral histories (primarily Louisiana); • Checking the producing intervals; • Checking for the most recent permit to drill in the my area of interest; • Prepared tracts for unitization (WI, NRI, etc.) 3-D SEISMIC PERMITS • Experience obtaining seismic permits and options for an Oil, Gas and Mineral Lease; MINERAL HISTORIES • I have prepared mineral histories in regard to a particular producing zone by obtaining information from the courthouse; • I have also prepared mineral histories on the production information obtained from the Department of Conservation; NET REVENUE INTEREST • Calculating the Overriding Royalty Interest, Working Interest, and Landowner Royalty of a specific area or producing interval from the records in the courthouse.

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Degree Bachelors Degree
Experience More than 15 Years
Category Land Manager
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City Harvey
State LA


Worked in-house as Land Manager handling prospect acquisition and crews and title matters. Worked in field acquiring OGL's and curative issues as they arised.


Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Bachelor degree in General Studies- 1980

Texas A & M University- 1975 to 1976
College Station Texas

Seminar on Land Leasing
Baton Rouge, Louisiana-1981

Seminar on Louisiana Farmout Agreements
New Orleans, Louisiana- 1981

University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana

Louisiana Mineral Law -1982
Introduction to Paralegal Practice-1985
Audit Business Law- 1985
Houston Seminar on Certification of Petroleum Landman-1990
CPL certification August- 1990 (I did not re-certify in August 2000)

American Arbitration Association certified Mediator- 1994 (currently not certified)
Advanced Mediator Skills Training Workshop-1995
SPIDR Conference Dallas, Texas -1995


Louisiana State University-
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
No art Degree

Art Education in Elementary School – 1977-1978
Introduction to Ceramics- 1995-1996
Special Studies Sculpture- 1999-2000
Intermediate Sculpture- 1999-2000

Texas A&M University-
College Station Texas

Design Course – 1976-1977

University of Louisiana
Lafayette, Louisiana

Introduction to Metalwork and Jewelry-1996
Intermediate Sculpture – 1996
Intermediate Metalwork and Jewelry- 1996
Intermediate Sculpture- 199