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Jacob Cinnamon

Experienced Oil & Gas Operations, Land & Regulatory Professional

I am an industry professional with land, regulatory, operational and managerial experience in the oil & gas sector. I have performed duties ranging from project generation and leasing through well completion and production. Throughout my career I have been committed to a high standard both personally and professionally, with an emphasis on loyalty, reliability, responsibility and discretion. 12 years of experience in upstream oil and gas project management starting from geological inception through leasing, regulatory / permitting, drilling and production Extensive experience managing land and legal activities (leasing, title work, etc.) Extensive experience interpreting and applying state and federal regulations (former Federal Oil & Gas Inspector with the Bureau of Land Management) pertaining to leasing, spacing, pooling, drilling, completion and production activities Accepted by, and testified as an expert witness before the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WYOGCC)

Last Resume Update March 12, 2019
Degree Bachelors Degree
Experience 10+ to 15 Years
Category Landman
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City Lyons
State CO


Managing Partner
Golden Gate Pump Systems, LLC
January 2018 - Present
Tulsa, Oklahoma

As one of two partners I co-created Golden Gate Pump Systems ( as a vehicle to distribute the SEAL Pneumatic Pump System, a new form of downhole pump technology designed for the shallow oil and gas industry. Some notable accomplishments are:

• Brought to market the new patent pending SEAL Pneumatic Pump System
• Negotiated and created an exclusive distribution license with the product inventor
• Identified potential customers using DrillingInfo and IHS Data by drilling down on well type, depth, production
rate, etc.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) / Managing Member / Geologist
Golden Gate Resources, LLC
June 2016 – January 2018
Tulsa, Oklahoma

In cooperation with two other partners I helped form Golden Gate Resources to take operational advantage of the new SEAL Pneumatic Pump System. Some achievements are listed below:

• Developed a detailed business plan for the formation of oil and gas startup Golden Gate Resources, LLC
• Identified projects/leasehold for acquisition using various geological techniques and land/production software such as IHS and DrillingInfo
• Developed a geological and engineering plan for properties to be acquired
• Co-created a detailed company economic model
• Worked with 3rd party vendors in preparation of implementing corporate insurance, HR (salary payments, employee handbook, health insurance, etc) and Geological/Engineering consultants

Operations / Land Manager
Dakota Exploration, LLC
June 2009 – June 2016
Tulsa, Oklahoma

As a founding team member of Dakota Exploration I worked alongside of, and led land firms and teams of title/corporation attorneys in the successful acquisition of leasehold in Wyoming and Colorado’s ultra-active Niobrara Shale Play. This resulted in acquired lease blocks having third party forecasted reserves exceeding two billion dollars in net oil and gas income potential. In Oklahoma, I helped to acquire and develop approximately 10,000 net acres of stacked pay leasehold. Some notable accomplishments and duties performed are:

• Identified, negotiated and acquired oil and gas leases from private mineral owners
o Created a strategic corporate leasing program
o Worked alongside, supervised and directed oil and gas landman teams to help identify and acquire oil and gas leases
o Personally negotiated and closed multiple thousand acre leases purchases with mineral owners
o Supervised commission attorneys to prepare both cursory and detailed title opinions
• Prepared and filed all documents regarding pooling and spacing orders
o Advised and supervised commission attorneys in relation to pooling and spacing orders
o Compiled and prepared technical data ranging from land and title to geologic mapping regarding spacing and pooling orders
o Facilitated meetings and prepared court filings in regards to hearings pertaining to pooling and spacing orders
• Accepted by, and testified as an expert witness before the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC), the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) and the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) in relation to spacing and pooling orders
• Prepared and submitted all regulatory documents related to drilling, completion, plugging and injection operations
• Successfully prepared and filed unconventional horizontal drilling permits (APDs)
• Successfully prepared and filed conventional vertical drilling permits (APDs)
• Prepared and executed surface use agreements
• Designed and managed drilling programs (i.e. well placement, wellbore designs, drilling schedules, etc.)
• Prepared AFEs (Authorizations for Expenditures) for both conventional and unconventional wells by working with and securing quotes from third party vendors such as drilling rigs, workover rigs, dirt work operators, frac companies, pipe suppliers, cementers, loggers, etc
• Supervised drilling rigs in a “Company Man” capacity
• Supervised completion operations such as acid and frac jobs
• Routinely managed 2 to 30 employees, contractors and vendors at any given time

Federal Oil & Gas Inspector (PET) - Certified
United States Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
August 2007 – June 2009
Rawlins, Wyoming

In 2009 I was certified as a Federal Oil & Gas Inspector (PET). To attain this certification I completed over 300+ hours of training in four different states relating to oil and gas regulatory and compliance activities. Upon completion of certification I fulfilled the duties of the position as follows:

• Routinely applied laws and regulations pertaining to oil and gas operations according to Federal Onshore Orders,
Codes of Federal Regulations such as 43 CFR 3150 and 43 CFR 3100 and Applications for Permit to Drill (APDs)
• Conducted full production audits of operators under BLM jurisdiction
• Reviewed Oil and Gas Operators Reports (OGOR)
• Witnessed or conducted oil and gas well production and formation tests
• Performed gas meter calibrations for mechanical and electronic gas measurement
• Used advanced engineering formulas to verify oil and gas volume measurement procedures
• Collected, compiled, calculated and compared inspection findings with production and measurement records to verify accounting of production volumes
• Witnessed drilling and plugging operations and enforced Federal regulations, APD components and COAs
• Enforced Federal Regulations pertaining to land use, drilling and plugging operations
• Routinely used state and federal computer databases such as the Wyoming State Oil and Gas Database, AFMSS, OGOR, etc.
• Worked with the general public, professional staff and consultants while maintaining a sensitivity to their needs, priorities and commitments
• Maintained a level of professionalism in a very politically sensitive environment


Bachelors of Arts (B.A.) Geology
Graduation Year 2000
University of Colorado
Boulder, Colorado

United States Federal Oil & Gas Inspector Certification
Graduation Year 2008
Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Training Center - Oil & Gas Compliance Certification School
Phoenix, Arizona